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Sweat Slim belt

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The Sweat Slim Belt is the most tried and tested way to get rid of the fat and help you achieve a sculpted and toned body. Designed using the Prenotec technology that increases the core temperature helping the body sweat and burn excess fat, the Sweat Slim Belt can be worn all day, at all times and even while doing your daily activities as it is designed to fit your body faultlessly.

The Sweat Slim Belt increases the core temperature around your midsection or belly during your daily activities, like at home, exercise, walk, run, or any physical activity. It needs to be wrapped around your stomach, and it starts increasing the sweat production to melt away pounds by preserving body heat and generating water weight loss during activities. It maintains flexibility giving a comfortable fit. These are made for everyday wear.

All you have to do is wear it, and the neoprene fabric of this belt helps the human body to release fat and sweat more. The material guarantees you will stay dry and there will be no sweat exposure. Suitable for both men and women, this scientifically designed slimming belt also helps to correct your posture and strengthens the lower back. For best results wear the belt every day, even when not exercising. You can wear it under your clothes as it is undetectable and you can move freely and go about doing your daily work.

XL(34 - 36) XL - 34 inches to 36 inches
XXL(37 - 40) XXL - 37 to 40 inches
XXXL(40+) XXXL - 40 inches +

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