Be Herb Hair Magic Shampoo - 20 Pack Combo

Be Herb Hair Magic Shampoo - 20 Pack Combo


- Specifications

Herbal essence for hair nourishment


Polygonum multiflorum

Ganoderma Lucidum etc. - Its blackening effect is more than of normal hair dye.

Instant black after light usage. Just need seven to ten minutes to blacken hair, Do it yoursel,Use it just like any normal shampoo.

Combination of hair blackening, hair nourishment and hair conditioner in one convenient application.

Encourages healthy hair growth and Provides essential nutrients to hair roots

ZPT (Zinc Pyrithione) and Collagen - Eliminates dandruff

100% Ammonia Free

Does not contain PPD or Harmful Chemicals

Economical and long lasting


1 Month Warranty


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How to Use Noni Black Hair Shampoo

1.Wet hair thoroughly with Water 
2.Wear Plastic gloves (provided inside) 
3.Take Noni Shampoo on your palms 
4.Spread Noni Shampoo evenly on your scalp 
5.Massage hair for 5 minutes with the SHampoo 
6.Let the Shampoo stay on hair for 2-3 more minutes 
7.Rinse hair and scalp well with water 
8.Enjoy naturally black hair! 

Package Contents of Be Herb Noni Black Hair Shampoo

·         20 x Noni Shampoo Sachets


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